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$20.00 FFL Transfers • AR 9 MM Survival Rifles • NFA / Class 3 Sales • Transfers & Trusts

We will arrange with your seller or shipper to have your item sent to us for a transfer and will contact you when the item arrives to arrange a time to pick it up .

If shipping an item we take all the worries out of shipping by arranging all the transfer, packaging and shipping details.

$20.00 FFL Transfers-Sales and Service

To arrange a transfer or to ship an item please call us at

763-269-6914 or click here to email us.

For national and international shipping and packaging services for any item - call us for a quote. (Only Non NFA Items)

For an application to get your Minnesota permit to purchase (required for hand guns and assault type weapons)  click here.

Transfer a second item or more for only $10.00 each.*

If Military or LE ask about our special discounts.

Visit our online store for the best prices on new firearms. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us.

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* When transferring / picking up more than one item at the same time (non NFA items)

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Scopes and Accessories

We have the latest in scopes, scope rings and accessories.

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Shipping and Appraisal Services

We offer custom package and shipping

for all types of items along with appraisal services.

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$20.00 FFL Transfers

We provide FFL transfers of all types of handguns, rifles and shotguns .

AR Survival Rifle Accepts 9mm and 40 Cal Glock Mags– Great for Backpacking, Fishing, Hicking.


Repair and Customizations

We provide service and customizations on all types of firearms.

MN Permit to Purchase Form

Minnesota requires a permit for all hand gun and assault type weapon purchases or transfers.

If you do not have a permit click here for the form and directions or call us with any questions.

Contact Us

To email us or for our contact information.

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Disclaimer:  Firearms laws change frequently, and vary from state to state. None of the information here in this web site  should be considered legal advice or a legal restatement of any Federal firearms laws or regulations. Consult a lawyer, your local law enforcement, and/or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for further information regarding firearms laws and taxes in your area.

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 9 MM AR Survival Rifles (Click Here)

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